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Search by date: June 2016

LANTERN & TAVERN CLOCKS at special exhibition shown at the Fine Art & Antiques, Olympia - Summer 2016
The exhibition brought together some of the finest and rarest examples of lantern & tavern clocks spanning three centuries from the early 17th to the mid 19th century.

Search by date: June 2016

Howard reveals his passion for Lantern clocks, the earliest examples of the English domestic clock

Search by date: May 2016

Frances Allitt & Anne Crane take a look at our forthcoming Lantern & Tavern clock exhibition

Search by date: February 2016

Our rare George II Tavern Clock by Gabril Holland is referenced by Huon Mallalieu as ‘one of a cornucopia of wonders in store for visitors to London’s BADA Fair...’

Search by date: November 2015

Howard Walwyn talks about his thriving business in antique clocks.

Search by date: January 2014

An extended thank you to Huon Mallalieu who reviews the success of the opening of our new gallery at 123 Kensington Church Street